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パペポポ is the title of a song by

still on hiatus. i think.. until my contract at my current employer expires. about 6 months. somewhere i’m really proud to be a part of. has to do with bilateral relations between my country and the US. though it’s only temporary because i haven’t finished my bachelor degree yet.

this new tumblr posting system… hmm.

current anime crushes: ponytail!samon, nobuchika ginoza, reisi munakata & ukyo.
thought that the world should know.


kind of on hiatus ;-; i’ll have some edits and mangacaps ready before start posting and reblogging things again. meanwhile i’ve been writing and reading and crafting! and watching anime of course. i’m still on campus break, woo-hoo! \o/ will have a thesis to worry about for the next 2 semesters though

animes i’ve been watching:
- uta no prince-sama.
it got bad reviews on MAL. not sure what’s so bad about this. some parts of the story may be blah and the ending song is kinda tacky (but it haunted my mind for some time), but it’s not that bad. and the boys are just YUMMM *slap* some of them are so shippable LOL. I’m looking forward for the upcoming second season!
- cuticle tantei inaba
absurdly mecha-hilarious anime with unusual obsessions and goaty villain. ogino and hiroshi = shippable.
- hakuouki sekkaroku
fangirl screams every 3-5 minutes. they are just so gorgeous there. especially saitou. HNGGGGG
- amnesia
why, this is the must watch this season. the heroine is so hopelessly weak but everything else is strangely pleasant there. and then there are the boys of course. I like ukyou the most because he’s a stalker like me so I feel his pain of obsession
- hakkenden: touhou hakken ibun
anime with the best story this season IMO. I’m also reading the manga though my manga reading pace is super slow lately.
- psycho-pass
no, it’s the best one this season. the cure for those who suffer the irritation due to the nature of plots of most anime that are airing this season.
- zetsuen no tempest
new characters, new arc and OMG samon you look good with that hairdo.

no shoujo manga based anime this season though?
OMG what’s with the shippables. I guess since K I became a fujoshi.. HALP
dropped maoyu because of this silly reason: the devil king’s boobs are disturbingly too big.

catching up what’s been on dashboard this week now. see you later :*

LOL that comment “carnivorous..”

I feel like I’m Gollum.


My mom: “Go do some laundry”



Looks at math homework:


There’s no food in the fridge:


Make an A on a test:


Having social interaction: